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Galileistraat 2, 7701 SK, Dedemsvaart, The Netherlands
T +31 (0)20 7600355

FastFixT quick and easy fastening


FastFixT BV developed a new system enabling quick fastening. Our patented advanced spring system is as rapid as you have never seen before, which makes fastening quick and easy.


Through is all-metall design and advanced spring system the FastFixT principle is next to its quick fastening capability also able to maintain its locking function during high temperature environments and high vibrating environments.


Furthermore it is the solution during situations when the thread is filthy or damaged. The FastFixT advanced spring mechanism is the invention of the 21th century!

FastFixT BV is a spin-off company of the PM-GROUP.
The PM-GROUP focuses on High-Tech mechatronical integrated projects, Nano Motion Systems, High Precision Bearings, (Aero)space modules and is involved with several Militairy programs like the
F-16, Apache, Chinook
and JSF F-35.